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Food opportunities

Most people know that the quantity of carbohydrates should be kept at a low level, both in order to prevent and treat lifestyle illnesses. But this is not simply about the quantity of carbohydrates but also the type.

Glycemic index is a measurement that indicates how quickly blood sugar rises after a meal. Food with high glycemic index is absorbed quickly and produces a sudden rise in blood sugar. This puts stress on the insulin-producing cells and produces vascular injuries.

Below you will see various products with high glycemic index. Think about your own food habits and click on the arrows to the left to mark the ones that you realistically could reduce the quantity of.

High glycemic index
Products with white flour, e.g. white bread, pancakes, cookies, muffins
Mashed potatoes
Sticky white rice (jasmine rice)
Instant noodles
Sweetend muesli, cereal and cornflakes
Fruit drink, juice and soda
Candy, raisins

Let's now instead look at some products with low glycemic index. Click on the arrows to the right to mark the ones that you realistically could increase the quantity of.

Low glycemic index
Whole-grain or sourdough bread
Root vegetables and vegetables
Apples, pears, oranges
Beans and lentils
Beans and lentils
Oat groats, pearl barley, barley groats
Brown rice, bulgur